N&A Import/Export Company (Sponsor)

Nika-S — Pomegranate Juice

Our production successfully is on sale in all regions of the Russian Federation, in European countries and now we are starting our in North America.

Juice is made of fresh fruit and berries without use of concentrates and preservatives. We offer to our customers wide assortment of juices, in various capacities.



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FORTIS BC (Sponsor)

Together, the Fortis energy companies in British Columbia provide electricity, natural gas, piped propane and alternative energy solutions. Delivering more energy than any other utility in the province — approximately 21 per cent of the total energy consumed in BC  — the companies employ more than 2,000 people and serve more than 1.1 million customers in 135 communities.


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Financial Consultant Galina Bazova (sponsor)

Galina Bazova, CMA, BSC, Accounting and Financial Consulting Services, Tax Preparation, Start-Ups etc




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